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        A dishwasher that does not fill with water can have several causes.  First, check to see if your dishwasher's water supply valve is open, under the sink (remember: righty-tighty [closed], lefty-loosey [open]).   Next, try to determine if your water supply hose is kinked.  Copper tubing can bend and kink easily, but even braided metal tubing can fold over enough to stop the flow of water.  You will need to remove the kick-plate from under the dishwasher door in order to inspect the water supply hose all the way to the fill valve.
          If the water supply system looks OK, you either have a failure of your water supply valve, the "float" inside your machine that shuts off water when the correct level is reached inside, or a failure of your electronic control board in opening this supply valve.  If you are interested in a DIY repair, please consult the information given on the following website:

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