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        A dishwasher may leak either when it is running, NOT running, or both.
        Check the rubber gasket that surrounds the inside edge of the door.   Cracks or tears in this gasket may be the cause of water leaks.  Most models also have a rubber and plastic gasket at the bottom-inside of the door that is slipped in between the inner and outer door panels.  Tears or cracks in the exposed rubber portion of this gasket may also cause leakage.Looking underneath on the outside of the door, while the machine is running can help you confirm that leaking is coming from the the door itself.  
        The fill- or drain-hoses may also be the source of leakage.  Check for leaks under the sink where hoses are connected to the inlet valve and drain.  If no leaks are found, unplug the power cord so that you can inspect underneath the dishwasher.  Remove the "kick-plate" below the washer door via the 2-to-4 screws(note: the plate is easier to remove than it is to replace).  With a flashlight, inspect underneath for dripping water or puddles—their location can tell you approximately where the leak is coming from.  You may then plug the unit back in and turn it on to: 1) inspect underneath while filling; and 2) move the cycle to drain and inspect while draining. *DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS UNDERNEATH THE DISHWASHER WHILE INSPECTING TO AVOID THE RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK!*  Note where the leak is coming from for a diy repair (power disconnected, water-supply turned off!) or to call for and expert repair.         In performing this inspection, you may also find that the leak is coming from where the water supply hose is connected to the fill-valve, or from the fill-valve itself.  The fill-valve is mostly plastic and can develop cracks.  This is not a difficult diy fix, but follow the "power disconnected, water-supply turned off" procedure without fail.
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