refrigerator filters

        Noticible problems with a refrigerator water filter are common.  The water may simply not taste as good as when the filter was new.  You may alternatively notice a leak from your current filter.  A simple change to a new filter would likely resolve this problem  Be sure to find you refrigerator's model number before buying a new filter so that you purchase the recommended one.
        Other problems may include an unusually slow dispensing of water or no delivery of water at all.  This could indicate a clogged filter or even a failure of your fridge's inlet valve assembly.   Replacing a clogged filter would be straightforward but differentiating between this and a non-working inlet valve might required professional assistance.  Replacement water valves vary by manufacturer and typically cost between $20 and $60.
        Here is a great little webpage for correcting problems with the installation of a Samsung water filter.  Just include your make information when serching for "refrigerator will not dispense water after replacing filter":

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