oven not heating

Common problems with gas cook-top burners stem from:
       washer and dryer repair  a boil-over that causes a clog the gas flame tube jets,
       washer and dryer repair  the failure of an ignitor switch such that there is no spark for one burner,
       washer and dryer repair  a short in a switch resulting in one electrode not sparking at all,
       washer and dryer repair  failure of the stove's central spark module.
       Cleaning of the burner parts can be a simple task, but care must be taken not to enlarge the jet hole or bend it so that the individual flame shoots out in an altered direction.  This is also true of the ignitor underneath the burner assembly itself.  The ignitor is usually white in color with a metal tip protruding from the tip.  This can be cleaned to ensure an efficient spark.
       Replacement of ignitors, switches, and spark modules can be much more difficult and require knowledge of how to disassembly/reassembly of your stove/oven.  If you wish to make the repair yourself, follow this link for some useful instructions:

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