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        There are several reasons why a washer (washing machine) won't drain:
         washer and dryer repair The water pump or water pump belt is broken (or loose),
         washing machine repair The drain pump,
         home appliance repair The water pump or water hose is clogged,
         washing machine repair near me The washer drum belt is loose or broken,
         washing machine won't drain The lid switch assembly is faulty or broken,
         reliable appliance repair The door lock motor/switch assembly is loose or broken,
         appliance repairman near me The drain hose is kinked behind the washer or it is obstructed,
         washing machine repair colorado springs The coin trap, on newer front-load models, may be clogged,
        The water pump and belts are located on the inside-bottom of the washer cabinet (in many cases there is no water pump belt).  On front load machines, the drum belt can be reached via a rear panel.  
        There are varying degrees of difficulty with locating the aforementioned parts and their locations.  Difficulty varies from drain-hose kinking/block and the coin trap (easiest) to door lock motor/switch and water pump (hardest).  When searching on line for instructions, be sure to have your model number available to ensure accurate disassembly and repair.  If you need assistance, don't hesitate to call us!
Some help with determining why your washer is not draining can be found here:

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