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        One reason your dryer might not be heating is that is not receiving proper voltage.   Make sure that the dryer is plugged in and that the breaker has not been tripped.  If you have a multimeter, you can check to be sure that a proper 220-to-240 volts is present at the outlet.  If your dryer outlet is not receiving 220-to-240 volts, you likely need a licensed electrician to repair the cause.
        If your dryer tumbles and the timer counts down, but there is no heat whatsoever, you likely have a broken heating element.  A heating elements cannot be repaired.  If you know how to disassemble your particular dryer, to locate and remove/replace the element, the diy repair is faily straightforward.  If the element is bad you will definately see that the heater coil is broken at some location along its length.  If you are not sure how to proceed with this repair, please call us for assistance at: 719-229-0046.
        Other components that might keep your dryer from heating – if broken – are the thermal fuse and dryer thermostat.  The location of these devices will depend on your dryer model.   If you plan to attempt this repair yourself, you'll need to find a description of how to dissassemble your dryer and find the device.  
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