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        A refrigerator that is leaking water can cause damage to flooring and structural damage underneath the floor.  In many cases, a professional defrost of the area behind the back wall of the freezer is all that is needed.  Common reasons for a leak are that your fridge hasn't been leveled properly or that the unit's defrost drain is clogged.  Additional reasons may include improper installation of a water filter, a damaged drain pain, structural damage, or the like.  Leveling and clearing the drain hole are relatively easy diy tasks (see below).  Other causes stated above may require professional attention and/or parts. The compressor itself, an expensive repair, is rarely the problem.  Replacement of a drain pan usually costs approximately $20, but for some models may cost approximately $50.  At Murphy Appliance Repair Colorado Springs, an affordable service charge of $70 would accompany the cost of parts.  If you decide to repair yourself, be sure to have the unit's model number on hand to ensure that you purchase the correct part for your refrigerator.

Some help with leveling your refrigerator and cleaning the drain hole can be found here:

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